Advanced Electrolumiensent Lighting

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What is EL

Electroluminescent (EL) Light
AKA LEC (Light Emitting Capacitor)

FLATLITE® is an electroluminescent light source, also known as a Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC).

It produces light when phosphor crystals are excited by being exposed to electric current. Electroluminescent (EL) panels and strips can be found as backlighting for LCDs in pagers, cell phones, watches, and control panels as well as strip lighting for egress, decor architecture, broadcast sets, and much more.

Electroluminescent (EL) light has many benefits:
  • No filament to break – never fails to light!
  • Flexible
  • Cool to the touch – negligible heat emission
  • Highly visible in darkness, smoke, fog etc. versus point-sources of light
  • Easy to look at, pleasing to the eye
  • Paper thin
  • Does not impair night vision
  • Can be seen at greater distances then point source lamps in dark conditions
  • Low energy consumption (Most efficient light source on Earth!)
  • No hazardous materials – landfill friendly
  • Maintenance Free

Photometrics – Measuring Light

  • Measures how much light there is to see by
  • Examples: Emergency Lights (level on the floor), The Sun (daytime)
  • Measured in: Foot-Candles and Lux

Electroluminescent (EL) light is a source intended to be seen, not to see by.


Electroluminescent (EL) Phosphor Facts

  • All electroluminescent phosphors emit light when placed in a field of alternating current
  • The higher the voltage and / or frequency, the brighter the light, but the shorter the life
  • Color also changes with Frequency
  • All EL Phosphors will slowly lose their ability to produce light over their operating life – they are not affected by turning on and off
  • Un-encapsulated EL Phosphors are highly vulnerable to damage due to moisture
  • Phosphors are manufactured to give off specific colors when energized
  • Blue and green phosphors tend to have longest life and brightness

Differentiating Factors for Electroluminescent (EL)

All Electroluminescent light is not created equal.
Below are several factors that separate various EL, and why they are important

Type of Phosphor Used Life, Brightness, Exampsulation Supplier
Quality of Phosphor Layer Uniformity of Thickness, Uniformity of Brightness Manufacturing Process
Electrical Driver Efficiency, Power Quality, Safety Design quality, supplier

Electroluminescent (EL) Phosphor Encapsulation

  • EL Lamps use either encapsulated or un-encapsulated phosphors
  • Encapsulated phosphors have each microscopic phosphor particle surrounded by a glass-like protector
  • This acts as a moisture barrier to the phosphor, providing reasonable protection from moisture
  • Manufacturing and lamination offer additional protection
  • Limited worldwide suppliers of encapsulated phosphors
  • FLATLITE® uses encapsulated phosphors


FLATLITE® Roll to Roll Process

  • FLATLITE® is manufactured in 30 in. W, 1200 ft L (760 cm x 366M) Master Rolls
  • E-Lite further fabricates by slitting, scribing and laminating into specific lengths and widths
  • Color overlay applied as required
  • Indoor or outdoor lamination applied
  • Capacity is virtually unlimited
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